Main Menu

Homemade Soup £5.25
Served with a warm bread roll & butter
Crayfish tail Platter £5.95
Served with fresh leaves & granary bread
Baked Camembert £5.95
Served with garlic bread & an apple & cider chutney
Garlic mushrooms £5.50
Served with a warm bread roll & butter
Flame grilled Chicken Satay Skewers £5.50
Served with a warm peanut sauce & fresh salad
Smoked Bacon and Chicken Liver Pâté £5.50
Served with toasted ciabatta & caramelised red onion chutney
Apple and Goats Cheese Bruschetta £6.25
Slices of fresh apple & crumbled goats cheese grilled on toasted ciabatta

For Sharing

Mexican Nachos £10.50
[Generous for one, nibbles for two]
Crunchy tortilla chips with melted cheese and jalapenos. Also served with tomato salsa, sour cream & guacamole
Add Beef Chilli £2.50 or Add Chicken Fajita
Sharing Platter £13.75
Chicken goujons, crispy mushroom dippers, breaded brie bites, scampi, garlic bread, tortilla chips, potato wedges & jalapeno poppers.
 Served with mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, tartare sauce &
sweet chilli sauce
Pub Classics
Homemade Beef Lasagne £9.95
Served with traditional salad, Greek salad or Garlic bread
Ham, Egg and Chips £9.25
Succulent hand cut ham with chips, peas, 2 eggs and an apple & cider chutney
Homemade Fish Pie £10.25
Pieces of cod, prawns and salmon in a creamy white wine & parsley sauce, topped with mashed potato & melted cheese. Served with traditional salad, Greek salad or garlic bread
Deep Fried breaded Scampi £10.75
Served with chips & peas
Battered Fish £9.25
Served with chips & peas (May contain bones)
Curry £9.95
Served with boiled rice, a poppadum, naan bread, mango chutney & a
mint & yogurt dip
Chicken and Bacon Carbonara £9.75
Classic carbonara with fresh strips of chicken & bacon, served with garlic bread.

  Chicken Salad £8.50
Fresh grilled chicken breast on a bed of traditional
salad, served with croutons, bacon bites & seasoned
Potato wedges
Prawn, Crab or Tuna Salad £8.50
Served on a bed of traditional salad, served with freshly
made coleslaw, apple & cider chutney & either
a warm baguette or granary bread
Beef Thai Salad £8.95
Tender strips of rump steak coated in a fresh Thai marinade & flame grilled. Served with salad & potato wedges
Ham and Egg Salad £7.95
Cornish hand carved honey roast ham served on a fresh salad with sliced hardboiled eggs with potato wedges
   ​​​​Vegetarian Options

   Butternut Squash Lasagne £8.95
With caramelised onions & spinach.
 Served with traditional salad, Greek salad or garlic bread
Vegetarian Burger £8.95
A butternut squash, beetroot & goats cheese burger,
served in a brioche bun with slices of beef tomato &
lettuce. Served with fries & burger relish
Goat’s Cheese Pasta £8.95
Crumbled goats cheese with slices of red peppers & tomatoes cooked with green pesto & pasta
   ​​​Steak Grills

   12oz T-Bone £17.50
10oz New York Strip £16.95
10oz Rump £14.95
10oz Fillet £21.50
All steaks are served with chunky chips, peas, Portobello mushrooms, beef tomato & onion rings.

10oz Butlers Steak £12.95
Cooked to a medium, smothered in BBQ sauce & served with flamegrilled corn on the cob, fries & fresh leaf salad

Steaks to be cooked medium or less (£1.00 charge if over)

Sauces £1.50 
Peppercorn or Creamy Garlic

Other Grills

   Mixed Grill £15.95
4oz rump steak, 4oz gammon, 4oz pork steak, sausage & lamb chop. Served with chips, a fried egg, beef tomato, Portobello mushroom & peas
8oz Lamb Rump £13.95
Served with seasoned potato wedges, asparagus & a homemade red wine sauce
Flame grilled Satay Skewers £11.50
Chicken chunks in a homemade marinade then flame grilled. Served with a fresh leaved salad, sweet chilli sauce, warm peanut sauce & seasoned potato wedges
PIRI-PIRI Flame grilled King Prawns £12.50
Served with SPICY rice & a fresh salad
Flame grilled poachers chicken £10.50
Chicken breast with bacon & BBQ sauce, topped with melted cheese, served with chips & peas
12oz Gammon Steak £12.95
Served with chunky chips, peas & 2 fried eggs or 2 pineapple rings
   ​​​​​Flame Grilled Burgers

   All burgers served in a toasted brioche bun with slices of beef tomato & lettuce.
Served with fries

Classic Wilcove Whopper (Add stilton or Brie for £1) £8.95
Full House Whopper (Bacon, cheese & onion rings) £9.75
Flame grilled chicken burger £7.95
Chicken Fajita Burger £8.50
Grilled Haddock Burger £8.25    
Children’s Menu

   Ham, egg & Chips £5.95
Sausages or Chicken Nuggets £5.95
Served with chips & beans
Mac ‘n’ Cheese £5.95

Side Orders

Chips £2.00
French Fries £2.00
Wedges £2.00
Cheesy Chips £2.50
Sweet Potato Fries £3
Garlic Bread £1.95
Onion Rings £1.50
Mixed Salad £1.95
Greek Salad £2.25